Still Thrilled

Still Thrilled This is our latest release featuring a mix of rock, funk, and blues in our own unique style.

words & music by
Drewbert & Jimmy Kay

Track Titles Date
Magi's Tale (mixed 7/25/2004) Download
Bring Your Love (mixed 8/6/2004) Download
Never Get Enough (mixed 3/31/2004) Download
Out To Get Me (mixed 12/8/2003) Download
Like B4 (mixed 10/18/2003) Download
Invent Yourself (mixed 8/6/2004) Download
If Mama Don't Want It (mixed 7/31/2004) Download
Love Shines So Bright (mixed 7/31/2004) Download
Oceans Of Blue (mixed 12/7/2003) Download

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